Lauren 24,

In memory of my daddy

"I am 24 years old, I have a brother who is 21 and a sister who is just 3 years old. Last year my dad started to experience knee problems. He had a lump/swelling on his knee and it was becoming more and more painful for him. He went to a lot of doctors and had different tests ran, nothing suspicious showed up and he was told it was a sports injury as he played football reguarly. It got worse and in March this year he had a biopsy. He got his results on April 8th. The results showed that he has cancer, sarcoma. Clear cell sarcoma which he was told is a rare and aggressive cancer. On April 12th which is his birthday, the day after my birthday, he was told it was terminal and the cancer was in his knee, chest, lymph nodes and liver, they weren’t able to tell him how long he would have. He went downhill quickly, quicker then any of the doctors of us would of predicated, and he died on June 4th, less than two months after his diagnosis. This has devasted all of my family, his friends, and anyone who knew him. I want to raise awareness and make sure people know exactly what sarcoma is, as it’s a rare cancer there isn’t enough research into it. I will tell my dads story, for him and for everyone else facing sarcoma. "

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