Danielle 28,

Worried for my daughter, husband & mum

"Hi. I was diagnosed with inoperable Peri-Pancreatic Ewings Sarcoma in August 2012, days after turning 24. My little girl was 3 years & 10 months at the time. I spent a year having intensive chemo & radiotherapy & had severe side effects. In September 2013 I was told by a nurse I would only be likely to live a few weeks. My tumour stopped growing & I married my partner. We were told I wouldn't see my wedding day....we just had our 3rd wedding anniversary! I saw my daughter turn 8. Then 2017 came. I didn't feel well. One thing after another led to a hospital admission & the discovery of a new tumour. Also Ewings Sarcoma but coming from the peritoneal membrane. It had been missed on my November MRI as it was hiding behind my spleen. It's now huge but chemo starts Wednesday and surgery may be an option. I hope chemo doesn't wipe out my bone marrow again. It took 3.5 years for it to recover from before! Feeling positive. I'll fight to stay with my family xxx"

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