Richie 32,

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"Having been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer I decided to start a blog Hopefully I can help others by giving my account throughout my journey with cancer In my case it all started in may 2016 having returned form a trip of a lifetime to Thailand with my partner Laurie-Beth, I decided to quit my job as I was sick of working away and registered as self employed, I soon picked up work with two of my best friends which was great , during the first week and work I noticed a lump in my left thigh that just appeared over night , thinking I just pulled a muscle I continued on at work and attended the walk in centre that Friday evening in which they agreed I had pulled a muscle . That Sunday morning I woke up with my left calf nearly double the size and decided it was time to head to the local accident and emergency, within 20 mins of being there I was on a ward with suspected blood clot to my left leg the cause the lump being a haematoma . After spending two nights in hospital and having various tests carried out I was asked to accompany a doctor to a quiet room to discuss there findings he went of to inform me the lump in my leg was actually a tumor and that it could be cancer , wow the feeling is like nothing I can explain that word is a killer on its own . I returned home 2 days later with an appointment to attend the following week and a whole different view on life . The following week i had a biopsy and was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma cancer please like my blog to follow my story x"

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