Ann 75,

Just to give others hope, the Doctors ar

"was first diagnosed in January 1953 after suffering cramp and pins and needles in my right leg over Christmas, then I noticed a large lump come up on the top part of my leg, I was took to our doctor who sent me straight to our local cottage hospital where I was admitted, then I was sent to the Westminster Hospital in London where I stayed for three months having being diagnosed with a Sarcoma tumour in the right femur, also secondaries were found in my lungs, my parents were told I would lose one leg maybe two but I wouldn't live six months, I had Radium treatment also injections for a long time, I came out of hospital for a short while as it was my Dads birthday and he had took it rather hard, I knew nothing at this time, in June of same year I was having pains in my chest so went back in hospital to die, but a month later still being here I went back home, after the Radium treatment the injections carried on, I also went back to school for a while until I was accidently kicked in my leg so I was then kept at home, we moved just after this and our new house did not have any path ways to it to start with and I slipped and broke the same leg, I was then unable to walk so they said they would have to amputate as it would not heal, the radium had made the top part of my leg very thin and the skin sore, so I was pleased when they said they would cut it off, after the amputation I had an artificial leg and got on well with it, then it was thought the Cancer ad come back in my lungs but I was lucky, they still don't know why it went from them, I later married and had two children, I went back to the Westminster hospital for the birth of our daughter and my surgeon who I had been under since being diagnosed Sir Stamford Cade came to see me, he said he would never have thought I could have became a mother, the amputation consisted of removing it from the hip, I did have some problems carrying but got over them, sadly we lost our daughter 13years ago after she suffered three brain tumours, I thought I could have passed the cancer on to her but was told this was not possible, our grandson our sons boy also had Neuroblastoma when he was two it was between his heart and ribs, but a little Indian surgeon said she thought she could remove it, she did and he has been given the all clear, so I think I have been very lucky in lots of ways, I have been able to work Marry and have children when I should have been long dead, never give up hope, I do suffer from things now my health is not to good, but I carry on, when I meet new Doctors they cannot believe me when they ask how I lost my leg, "

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