Susi 39,


"I have had 2 lipomixoid sarcomas in my right leg! My first just after my son was born when I was 27 and I then had a further one at 34 (well officially diagnosed the day before my 35th birthday). I had radiotherapy for five weeks for the second one which had wrapped itself conveniently around my femoral artery! The graft failed following surgery but a fantastic thing happened! The vascular surgeon reckoned that during the first op the artery was damaged but my body sorted a backup circulation so here I am today with my right leg but maybe just a bit less of it and I am proud of my mahoosive scars! Doesn't stop me going to the gym 5 times a week and doing mostly what everyone else does! It's been a hard road but we get there! Big love to all on this page Sarcoma buddies should always stick together xx"

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