Jayne 51,

Cancer! No, it's only a pulled muscle!

"I had several falls 12-16 months ago and they all seemed to be caused by my left foot catching on objects e.g.. kerb stones. I went to see my GP, who examined me and could not find any abnormalities. A few months later my husband noticed a long, narrow, sausage like swelling behind my left knee. I thought I had just pulled something whilst in the gym, or walking, but it wasn't painful. I monitored it for a couple of months and in that time it spread around the lower thigh, so it could be seen now from the front of the leg. I went again to see my GP, who immediately sent me for ultrasound and an MR scan. Both showed a growth, but didn't give any indication of what it was. I was sent for a biopsy. I still had no idea that it was serious. Just before Christmas 2015 I was informed that I had cancer, a myxoidliposarcoma. I had to have a chest CT scan to see if it had migrated to my lungs (it's secondary site), followed by 25 consecutive sessions of radiotherapy, and 6 weeks ago had major surgery. Thankfully my lungs are clear and all the tumour has been removed. My surgical wound is healing well, and I have got a good degree of movement. I know that areas of my leg are going to be permanently numb, and that my leg won't be as strong because some of the nerve, muscle and hamstrings had to be removed. > I feel so lucky and privileged to have made a good recovery that I want to make more people aware of this rare cancer, so I have been giving "on the ball" awareness packs to GP's and putting Sarcoma UK posters in local venues so no body else thinks that "the sausage like growth is just a gym accident!"

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