Dean 31,

Father of 3, husband to one

"Around Christmas 2015, i noticed that one of my glands on my neck had swollen, and my wife being a nurse advised me to go and get it checked out. so after GP, Blood tests, referral to ENT and a biopsy (which came back as 'undiagnostic') we fast forward 4 months to April 2016 to finally remove my new friend inside my neck. 10 days post op, and i receive the news that unfortunately the tumor removed was the size of a fist, and nestled up behind my jaw and was pushing my saliva gland out, and was a low grade sarcoma. I was also told that i would now be referred to the specialist team in Bristol which deal with these types. i had my first session with the team this week, and although very positive right now, the options going forward are quite daunting. so right now, CT and MRI scans show that there is no sign of spreading, and no sign of any remaining Sarcoma. But the pathology of the sarcoma itself didn't show clear margins that the Sarcoma surgeon in Bristol is happy with. so the options going forward: the best chance of reducing recurrence is further surgery, but this would entail removing a large part of my neck and jaw, and would leave me with severe deficits (so no-one, including myself, are keen on this option currently). next we have radiotherapy, which isn't the most effective on low grade sarcoma, but would have some effect. the issue here is that radiotherapy introduces the risk of a very aggressive cancer in about 30 years, which due to the area, would almost certainly be inoperable. or we can do nothing and monitor at a high frequency, and react to any new sarcoma etc as and when they arrive. luckily i have a say along with the brilliant people i met earlier this week, so ill post updates of how we go ahead from here Thanks Dean"

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