Martin 45,

Hi had sarcoma twice.

"Hi I was first diagnosed with a sarcoma on 2007 I was 36 at the time never been ill before, so to say it was a shock was an understatement! I had a 9lb tumbor which was wrapped around my kidney so had an opp to remove the tumor, my kidney and some bowel. This was done at the Christie in Manchester who were magnificent. I had regular scans and was back in work after 12 months as an electrician. I had scans for five years and all was good. I was told I was doing really well having got to five years. I had one last scan at five years and was told it was all clear so was discharged from the surgical side. It was such a relief we did some celebrating I can tell you!! About 10 months later I had some very bad pain at the surgery site so had to go back to hospital. I had a scan and was told it had returned. To say I was devastated was a bit of an understatement!! So I was told it had returned in the meeting with the doctor, then just after I was told that they then told me that the scan the year before had showed a recurrence and due to an administrative error it was not acted on!! The doctor assured me this had made no difference and they would operate to remove the recurrence!! All that info in 10 minutes. Me and my wife went home and didn't know what to think we were devastated. We have a daughter who was 12 at that point. Having had a rough night, the day after the phone wrang it was Christies, sorry to tell you mr Woodhead but we can't operate on you its too dangerous!! I asked the doctor could you have not called me in to tell me that, no I'm on my rounds then I'm on holiday tomorrow!! So on to chemo to extend my life though not hopefull of a cure. Well as you can imagine chemo was no fun!! The treatment wasn't really shrinking the tumour only negligible. As I was having my chemo I began to think surely if they operated the first time why not again. I wasn't ready to give up so I started looking for my own surgeon. Christies told me not to waste my time as there was no opp available. To cut a very very long story short I found a surgeon who couldn't bieleve I had not been operated on. I was operated on two years ago and have just had a clear scan. I'm not back at work as the stress from it all has taken its toll. I tell this story in the hope that you cannot take what. Surgeon says as gospel, if I had I probably wouldn't be writing this!! There is so much more to my story I could write a book, I just hope this may help people not to give up. "

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