Kim 31,

It's my life, not cancers! Fibromyoxiod

"My cancer journey first started at the age of 13 in 1997 when I was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare Low Grade Fibromyoxiod Sarcoma in my left hip/buttock area, and after successful surgery (I had no chemotherapy or radiotherapy) I was cancer free and went on to live my life in remission and didn’t give cancer a second thought…that was until October 2015. At the age of 31 I discovered a small solid lump on my collarbone and was sent to the hospital by my GP for a chest scan (I was told when I had my original cancer at 13 that although it was extremely unlikely, if the sarcoma was ever to return, it would be in my lungs). The lump I found was nothing, but its discovery, by some twisted luck, paved the way for the sarcomas on my lungs to be found – I hadn’t had and still continue to have no symptoms that would indicate my cancer has returned, in fact, at this stage in my life I have never felt fitter or healthier! After meeting with my consultant to discuss the next steps in fighting my cancer my whole world began to fall apart, not only had my cancer returned, I was also told that because it was exceptionally rare and because of where it was it would be very difficult to treat (it is currently in-operable) and the oral drug I need to control it, Pazopanib, was no longer available on the NHS. Fortunately I am able to get the drug via private medical insurance and I now take two tablets each day and have been lucky so far to have no side-effects apart from my hair turning grey. I have regular appointments with my consultant so that he can keep an eye on the sarcomas and my overall health. As well as this I have made a dramatic overhaul to my diet and pretty much become vegan. After I was diagnosed I did lots and lots of research into diets and I no longer eat any meat, dairy, processed foods or sugar (it isn’t easy) but it gives me a sense of control and I feel like I’m giving my body and immune system the best chance I can to help it fight. In August 2014 I got married to the most amazing man I could have ever asked for and he has been with me on every step of this journey, I don’t know what I would do without him. Although this diagnosis has changed the way I imagined our life would be, with the great support and love of my husband, mum, dad, sister, family and friends I am determined to carry-on living my life to the fullest and enjoy every day and every experience. As far as I am concerned cancer can take a back seat as I have my life to live and things to do, this isn’t cancers life, it’s my life and I’m determined to live it to the fullest! "

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