Sylv 40,

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"Hi,my name is Sylwia.I'm mum of four young children. In September 2014 I found a little lump on my right palm. First I didn't saw anything scary in that. It wasn't painful at all. My family starts pushing me to the doctors (I was to busy of course ).I saw my GP in November 2014 and she send me to Ortopedic Department. My first appointment there was just before Christmas 2014 so all scans were made in beginning of January 2015. First operation on 2nd February. No one told me it can be something dangerous! The date which changed my life was 17th November 2015...I didn't expect what was happened at all :(...diagnosis: Acral myxoid inflammatory fibroblastic sarcoma. I had a phone call from Birmingham Royal Ortopedic Hospital with information that I need another operation with possible amputation of my right, my main hand. The time flies...I'm clear and it is almost a year after amputation.Still didn't get used to but I'm so happy it wasn't over and I can still be with my family. Love every second of my painful life!"

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