Chris 48,

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"I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia in October 2014 and underwent and operation to fix it, when they opened me up they realized it was actually a tumour. Whilst waiting for the test results on the tumour I convinced myself that that to have a liposarcoma in the specific location where my tumour was, was so incredibly rare that it would turn out to be benign…... No such luck!! One week after the operation I was told I had cancer. The initial shock was huge but was taken over within days by a determination to beat this terrible disease. I carried on with my life the best I could and for a while only my closest family and friends knew of my condition. I soon realized it would be better to get it out in the open so as to help raise awareness. Without some amazing friends and family things would not have been nearly as easy to cope with. So, another operation followed to remove more of the surrounding area, I opted out of radiation due to the recurrence rates being so high, doctor agreed with my decision and said that IF it reoccurs then that’s when the radiation treatment will be carried out. Anyway, I am a British citizen but have lived overseas for over 20 years, many countries aren't lucky enough to have charities such as this one carrying out research on this rare form of cancer and many countries are also not blessed with the NHS. My first two CT scans this year confirmed that I was a NERD (no evidence of recurring disease) and my next scan is in a few weeks from now. Through this site and others I have been in touch with some amazing people who also have sarcoma cancer or are caring for sarcoma patients... Keep up the good work. And fellow Sarcoma suffers, stay positive and keep battling!! "

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