Mary 45,

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"Finally after several visits over two years for a very painful growing lump in my thigh to GP I was refurred to my local hospital. Consultant said it was nothing but a fatty lump following an ultra sound scan, fortunately for me I asked that they remove it as it was very painful, he assured me it didn't need to be removed. I didn't think for a moment it was anything to worry about, I just wanted it removed as it was so very painful. Finally he agreed to remove it. I chose to be awake for the op, I will never forget him saying once he had cut it out, "just as I thought a fatty lump" & tossed it to the side. Three months later I went back for a check up to be told I have Sarcoma, right ok I said not knowing, it wasn't until he said he had referred me to the Royal Marsden that I realised it was Cancer. Once at the Marsden after scans & biopsies i was told it was spindle cell fibrosarcoma. Removal of three quad muscles in January 2007 followed by 6 weeks radiotherapy. further surgery Feb 2015 the little bugger had reappeared just below my hip joint followed by more radiotherapy. Unfortunately Sarcoma doesn't get the same awareness as other Cancers, my GP practice is now & another person has since been diagnosed. Also each Doctor in both practices were given a copy of The on the ball campaign. We need to spread the word"

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