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"My journey started in 2007 when I found a small lump next to my testicle. Went to GP fearing the worst. After visiting the local hospital urology department, I was told it was a epidermis cyst and not to worry. So I didnt. During the next 12 months the lump got bigger and had grown round my testicle and into my groin. Went back to GP in 2008 who got me into hospital within a few days. Had my testicle removed along with the tumour which was 14cm in dia. After tests I was told it was a liposarcoma. Never even heard of it. Reffered to the Christie in Manchester for 6weeks of radiotherapy. This resulted in my testosterone levels dropped. After treatment I was on regular check ups until last year when I noticed another lump in my groin. After CT scan and biopsy I was informed I had recurrence of liposarcoma. Operation last October 2014 to remove the tumour which was the size of a clenched fist. Half my groin was removed down to the pelvic bone to try and achieve good margins. Histology report no clear margins. I cannot have radiotherapy again as it's in the same area and the previous tumour. So its a case of watch and wait. I have met some fantastic sarcoma comrades on my journey. And with their support and my rock, my darling wife and son, who have been amazing. So the journey continues..."

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