Michelle 29,


"When I was 24 and pregnant with my son I was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma. It was in the pleural space of my right lung. At the time is was deemed inoperable, so I received palliative care in the form of high dose chemotherapy. During which I got married to my wonderful husband and relished and cherished every moment with my new family of three. Luckily the chemo worked as best as could be hoped for and my amazing surgeon decided to give it a bash. I then had the tumour and my entire right lung removed (without clear margins). Followed by some radiotherapy and a couple of wonderful years with no cancer. In 2014 I noticed a lump whilst reading my son a bedtime story.. The bell had rung and it was round two! A local recurrence. This time, after chemotherapy it is unfortunately inoperable. I am now trying some other drugs to hopefully slow the growth and buy some more time, whilst making the most of the time I have with my beautiful little family :) "

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