Carrie 44,

Be positive and live life to the full!

"Hi. I was diagnosed with grade 2 myxofibrosarcoma in my right gluteus maximus (buttock) just after the new year. I found a hard lump whilst sitting on the floor playing with my house rabbits. I had had a numb right leg and foot for weeks but kept ignoring it. Luckily for me, whilst visiting my Rheumatologist I mentioned this pain and had an MRI which showed a large tumor. Well I sailed through radiotherapy and continued working everyday until the end when I finally dropped from exhaustion. I had the rumour removed in April and am still having physio to try to get full mobility because all I want to do is scuba dive again. I plan to go in November after my first follow up scans. I truly believe that I will be in the 50% of sarcoma patients who never get a recurrence. The hardest thing emotionally is deciding what to do with my life going forward just in case it does come back. That is the hardest part, not the fact that I have half a right buttock and mobility issues. I will get there slowly but surely. Keep positive but be realistic is my mantra. Good luck to all fellow sarcoma patients and loved ones. "

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