Sian 26,

Always think positive!

"After a year of being told I had a sprained ankle, then tendonitis, and having physiotherapy (which didn't work) I was finally sent for an MRI scan and my tumour was found. After a biopsy I was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma. Living abroad at the time, the doctors there told me the only solution was amputation below the knee, due to the incredibly difficult position of the tumour. I am extremely lucky in that through health insurance I was able to be seen at the Royal Marsden for a 2nd opinion. The amazing team there disagreed with amputation. And after a very long surgery to remove it and a reconstruction using part of my thigh, eventually followed by 6 weeks radiotherapy, I still have 2 legs and 2 feet! I can't thank them enough - I know just how lucky I am! They couldn't guarantee 100% it would work, but they promised to try their best, and I am so grateful they were willing to take the risk for me!"

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